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Who we are

Established in 2012, The Freedom Dabka Group has proudly formed into a cultural icon in the NY/NJ Middle- Eastern community. The team started with just a group of six family members with a deep passion and love for their culture. With hard work, dedication and creativity, The FDG has become a professional, renowned Brotherhood. Through hard-work and passion The FDG continues to grow not only in size, but also in innovation and performance.


Our team's main purpose is to preserve and spread the Palestinian culture by performing in celebratory and cultural events. We would love to see all people, especially people of the Middle East, being able to perform our traditional, deep rooted Dabka and chant the Zaffa. We dance and sing the same Palestinian Folklore our ancestors have been doing for many years. We keep our audience engaged and interested in our skills by performing in a modern way, making it more engaging and attractive for present day society.

Our mission

From the very beginning, The FDG have prolifically gained wide-popularity amongst their community, leading them to experience new places and meet with influential people, such as politicians, artists, and news media. The team has successfully performed in majority of the States, Canada and even Paris. The FDG has performed with many great artists such as Mohammas Assaf, Amir Dandan,Yacoub Shaheen, and many more prestigious musicians. The team has also been on Aljazeera news, local media, and news paper articles in NY.

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