Our Traditional Zaffa

Zaffa or Zaffeh is an important part of the Middle Eastern wedding culture. The Zaffa includes various  musical instruments such as a Tabla (Durbaka), Riqq, Daff, Tabil and a Chanter whom sings as well. The Zaffa is versatile in location and can be done at the Groom's house, Bride's house, and at the wedding Venue. It also can be done indoor or outdoor and even as a bride and groom entrance. It is an excellent way to bring tons of excitement and energy to the wedding party. Our team enhances the Zaffa experience by providing a high energy performance through our talented members and at the same time keeping it well rooted to our culture. The Zaffa's time length can be anywhere from 10 min to 30 min. A minimum of 6 guys are required to meet our team’s performance level.

Frequently asked Question

How long are your performances? (Dabka,Zaffa,Grand Entrance)

Our Dabka performance is estimated time of 15 min. Our Grand Entrance is estimated time of about 10 min. Our Zaffa is flexible and can be anywhere from 5min to 45 min long

How many members Perform in a performance?

A minumin of 6 guys are needed to meet the team's performance expectations. Dependiing on the teams's availablitiy their is a possibility that more guys would be able to make it especially if the event is a later event or on the weekend.

Does The FDG teach Dabka?

The FDG currently do not have a dedicated location that they can schedule Dabka classes.
However the team does offer private lessons that can be scheduled upon request.

What does being part of The FDG mean?

The Freedom Dabka Group is more than a Dabka team, it is a brotherhood! Each one of our members take pride in practing our cultural folkore.

What is the best way to book The FDG?

The best way to book with us, would be to call Amer directly at 347-628-0183. He can best assist you in choosing the package deal that meets your event. If by anychance he does not repond to a phone call, you can leave him a voice or text message.

How do I pay The FDG?

For local performances, a minimum deposit of $200 is needed to secure the date of the event.For out-of state performances the deposit can vary depending on travel expenses. Our payments are made in cash, the day of the event. Deposits however can be secured through venmo, cash app, apple pay, zelle, personal check, or even in person. We currently do not accept credit or debit card and fininacing options.

Does The FDG only perform in Palestinian events ?

Absolutley not, while The FDG are popular in the Middle-Eastern community, especially the Palestinian region, they have performed for Pakistani, Afghany, Uzbek, American, African-American, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, and many diverse cultures. We have also performed in staged events like broadway shows and non-Arab community events. Performing for non-middle-eastern events is more exciting for us, since our culture and talents can be seen by new-eyes. Our fundemantal goal is to spread our culture to the world. To learn more about us please check out our About Us page.

For how many years have you been established?

The FDG have been established since 2012.

How many people are in The FDG?

We currnetly have 16 team-members and would love to have more.

Where is The FDG located? and do they travel?

The FDG are based out of Brooklyn, NY. They have travelled to majority of the states, canada and even made it to Paris.They are willing to travel just about anywhere in the world. Do not hesitate to contact the team even if you might think we are too far, thier can be a chance we have an event close to that day in your area.

Do we offer any Packages?

Yes! We have many different packages for all types of occasions and events. We offer 3 main services which are: a Dabka performance, Traditional Zaffa, and The Grand Entrance. We also can provide drummers to stay thruogh an event as well as a DJ. A customer can book any combination they are interested in having for thier event, You can learn more about our packages and services on our Book online page. You can also email or call Amer directly.

Where can The FDG do a Zaffa, how the Zaffa can look in different event settings?

The groom's house: The Zaffa can be done in the grooms house as he walks out to the car with his family and friends. Usually this Zaffa is done outside with less people(family members and friends). It is something nice to put on camera and make the Groom feel special as he leaves his house. The Bride's house: The Zaffa at the Brides house is special, becuase we sing different Zaffa songs that is typically a bit slower. We start the zaffa as soon as the Groom meets his bride and we stop when the Bride and Groom get into the limo that will take them to the wedding venue. The Wedding Venue: Although every zaffa has its uniquness, the most energetic zaffa would be at the wedding venue. This is basically a party before the wedding party actually starts. The zaffa can be done in the lobby, outside, or even as an entranceinto the ballroom. We always recommend to do it in the lobby, since the sound of the drums will be heard clearly.

How do I get the best Zaffa from The FDG?

Since The Zaffa is an interactive performance, I always say to people the Zaffa is half on us and half on you (the wedding party). The Zaffa needs the guests to really be into it and clap, dance, and repeat after us when we sing. The larger the group of people, the more energetic the Zaffa will be. I reccomend indoor Zaffas becuase the sound is better. I also do not recommend the Zaffa to be done as the Bride and Groom enter into the ballroom.

How can i get the best Gran Entrance from The FDG?

There are many factors that can make the Grand Entrance stand out. The most important thing to consider would be good music. If we we are provided with a competant wedding band or musician, then the entrance will be half complete. The other half ofcourse is the Drumming which we will provide. Bright lights, a good fit dance floor, a hyped crowd, and a good speaker set up are all things that can make the Grand Entrance look and sound better.

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